Writer’s Write

“Writer’s write.”

This is one of the pieces of advice Donald Miller gave today. He gave a speech, followed with a question/answer time at the Abilene Christian University Summit. It was streamed live online and I watched most of it. During the Q&A time, one question was, “What advice do you have for new writers?”


“Writer’s write.”

“They sit down and they write every day.”
Okay, let me dissect this advice for my own sake and anyone else that wants to be a published writer, but has a hard time making it happen.

Write. Every. Day.

2 thoughts on “Writer’s Write”

  1. Someone once gave me this very same piece of advice, and it's made all the difference. So has giving myself permission to write the most horrible junk imaginable on some of those days. Ugly writing is still writing, right?

  2. Thanks Billy.
    And thanks for the 'permission' to post horrible junk – cuz you are right ugly writing is still writing.
    I need to let go of that excuse for not writing and/or posting what I write.

    Guess Nike was on to something – just do it!

    Thanks again.

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