Winning Wednesday

Winning Wednesday is back!
Today you could win a hardcover copy of 
Same Kind as Different as Me
by Ron Hall & Denver Morre with Lynn Vincent
  The book’s website describes it like this …
and also has a short video about it.

A dangerous homeless drifter – 
who grew up picking cotton in virtual slavery.
An upscale art dealer – 
accustomed to the world of Armani and Chanel.
A gutsy woman with a stubborn dream.
A story so incredible no novelist would dare dream it.
This is a great book – a true story, with alternating chapters written by Ron and Denver. Two people whose world normally wouldn’t connect became friends through an interesting series of events, started by Ron’s wife Debbie.
I love how different Ron and Denver write – you feel like you are really hearing their voice, plus you never lose track of who the author is for the chapter you are reading, because the writing is unique to them. Both authors are real and honest about their ups and downs. The honesty of Denver and his life as a homeless person has changed the way I look at someone that is homeless. And I love how Ron pokes fun at himself, talking about how he usually didn’t notice the homeless because he was too busy checking how good he looks in the mirror of his latest BMW.
You will laugh and you will need tissues! There’s some major sadness in the book and yet it’s filled with hope – especially about God’s love for everyone and the change that is possible in a person’s life. Even though this book is packed, it is an easy read. I got so pulled into the story, I finished it in a few days. A movie based on this book will come out next year with Samuel L. Jackson playing Denver – that should be good.
Ron and Denver have written a second book – What Difference Do It Make?: Stories of Hope and Healing. I will be giving a copy of that away in a few weeks – maybe you can win both! Leave your name in the comment section for a chance to win Same Kind of Different as Me today.

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