Winning Wednesday

Yesterday I took part in a Blog Carnival hosted by Peter Pollock and the theme was Grief. My post was about time spent with my mentor Audrey and how she taught me the importance of grieving losses in my life. Audrey gave me a few books to read during this time and I want to give someone a copy of one of them today.

Can You Drink the Cup?
This book isn’t only about grieving – its about the range of experiences we go through in life. I found it comforting during the time of my emotional and spiritual ‘hurricane.‘ If you need comfort, inspiration or hope – this book should help you find some.  
It’s actually a small book – a quick read, but it’s packed with wisdom and many thoughts to ponder. Nouwen pulls from his own experiences, using examples from his life working with the mentally disabled to make his points. Using the cup as a metaphor, Nouwen reflects on three images – Holding, Lifting and Drinking – to articulate basics of the spiritual life.

I’m in the mood to read another book from Henri Nouwen this winter. Any suggestions? 

Leave your name – with or without a comment – and you could win this book. Winner posted on Friday.

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