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It’s February – how’s those New Year’s Resolutions going? When talking about resolutions or goals, almost every person mentions how they want to eat healthier … so it’s safe to assume many of you have said that. Eating healthy is something that is often on our minds, but we still have a hard time keeping unhealthy food off our lips – which of course, then goes straight to our hips! Here’s a great little book with simplified rules to give you a tool in your quest.
Amazon describes the book this way …

Michael Pollan, our nation’s most trusted resource for food-related issues, offers this indispensible guide for anyone concerned about health and food. Simple, sensible, and easy to use, Food Rules is a set of memorable rules for eating wisely, many drawn from a variety of ethnic or cultural traditions. Whether at the supermarket or an all-you-can-eat-buffet, this handy, pocket-size resource is the perfect guide for anyone who would like to become more mindful of the food we eat.
I knew some of the rules in this book – others were new, but either way it was good to reread them. 
Sampling of the rules: 
#11 Avoid foods you see advertised on television.
#36 Don’t eat breakfast cereals that change the color of the milk.
#58 Do all your eating at a table.
This can be carried with you all the time, since it is pocket-sized. Then when the urge/desire to eat something hits, open this first, read a few of the rules. It might be all the motivation you need to say no. Read a few of the rules before you enter the grocery store – if you don’t buy the junk, you won’t eat it later!  Or when you are at the drive-through to get your child something (children are generally more active than adults, so he/she needs the food) and you are only going to get a coffee or water. Then you see colorful pictures on the order board – also called the “let’s suck them into buying” board. And though you tell yourself you are beyond falling for their marketing game, you find yourself rationalizing in your mind on why you NEED the burger/fries/wrap/ice cream/etc. As your child(ren) change their mind six times of what they want, you open the book – read a rule or two and  you will want to order the coffee or water 🙂 

Leave your name for a chance to win this book.
Do you have any food rules that help you eat healthy? If so, please share …

Winner will be selected by random drawing from names posted before 9PM on Thursday 2/4/2010 and posted on Friday morning.

9 thoughts on “Winning Wednesday – Food Rules”

  1. Looks like a good book Janet. Put my name in the hat if that is allowed. Thanks for making us aware of good books.

    Lou Ann Gehman

  2. My New Year's resolution was to get healthier. I've changed my diet and rented Pollan's Food Inc. documentary. I was sobered to learn about how much corporations control our food and the additives. I'll look this book up too!

  3. Thanks for this book review, Janet! The 3 rules you noted are gold nuggets.
    I like that it is pocket sized to carry. (Must get a bigger purse!)
    So generous of you to offer the random drawing.

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