Where is God in All This?

I like this essay and want to share it with you. I am beginning to understand that God is all around us … we just need to be aware, to think about, to look for Him in the midst of our lives. A formula or a set of rules is not what living a Godly life is all about. It’s a relationship that we cultivate by being aware of His love and care for us.

Where Is God In All This?
by Max Lucado

When the ambulance takes our child or the disease takes our friend, when the economy takes our retirement or the two-timer takes our heart-can we find Christ in the crisis?
The presence of troubles doesn’t surprise us. The absence of God, however, undoes us.

Recently, a young woman died in our city. She was recently married, the mother of an eighteen-month-old. Her life felt abbreviated. The shelves of help and hope go barren at such times. But at the funeral the officiating priest shared a memory in his eulogy that gave both.

For several years she had lived and worked in New York City. Due to their long friendship, he stayed in constant touch with her via e-mail. Late one night he received a message indicative of God’s persistent presence.
She had missed her station on the subway. By the time she realized her mistake, she didn’t know what to do. She prayed for safety and some sign of God’s presence. This was no hour or place for a young, attractive woman to be passing through a rough neighborhood alone.

At that moment the doors opened, and a homeless, disheveled man came on board and plopped down next to her.

“God? Are you near?” she prayed.

The answer came in a song.The man pulled out a harmonica and played, “Be Thou My Vision” – her mother’s favorite hymn. The song was enough to convince her. Christ was there, in the midst of it all.

And you? Look closer. He’s there. Right in the middle of it all.

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