What is God doing?

The last few days I have been thinking about something that Philip Yancey said when he was in town … “When you wake up in the morning, it is easy to tell God what you want to do that day and asking him for help to make it happen … instead, when you wake up in the morning, ask God what He is doing that day and how you can help Him.”
Thinking about that off and on all day is making me go through my days differently. What is God doing in Morgantown, PA right now? Where does He want me to be involved? I know my family is my first call … is that all for now or does God have something else he also wants me to be doing right now?

2 thoughts on “What is God doing?”

  1. Hi

    Interesting thought and one which i suspect we all have in the back of our minds…. what does he want us to do rather than what seems the best and most appropiate thing for us to do. Something i wrestle with all the time.
    Drop by soon

    Julie x

  2. hey…happened to come across your blog and this caught my eye. It made me think especially now that I’m taking a break from working and trying to figure out what to do in life! I just wish God would tell me what He’d like me to do! Nice blog… 🙂

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