Walking in the Sand

I went to Cape May, NJ Sunday eve to Monday eve. with my mom and two sister. We went to see my Aunt Mary who is a cook at a church ‘camp-type’ ministry. It is an old hotel and dining room only two blocks from the beach. This ministry allows single moms and their children to spend a week at the beach for a very low cost.

I had a good time … though there were some times of being frustrated at my ankle/limitations/pain.

We went out on the beach Sunday evening when we got there and I went for a walk, I had visions of walking for maybe 30 minutes or so. Well, after 10 minutes, my Achilles tendon started to talk back to me. so I readjusted my step/gait/stride, but it didn’t really help, so I had to stop. I was disappointed, but yet had tried to prepare myself for that.
Then on Monday, the tendon was still too stressed to do much walking on the sand. I just sat and enjoyed the beach. And we spent 3 hours of the afternoon on a whale watching boat tour, (no whales, but a lot of dolphins) so there was not much walking on there.

Now today, the tendon is quiet and my ankle feels better again and even does feel stronger, so I think walking in the sand was helpful, but the tendon can just tolerate a little at a time.

I go to physical therapy this afternoon, my regular therapist has been on vacation for 2 weeks, so I am curious to see what he thinks of the progress when he sees it again today.

I think I made a step forward yesterday in another area, I wore a swimsuit on the beach for the first time since the accident … I wrapped my left calf with an ace wrap and the rest of the scars are fading slightly, so I am not as self-conscious of them as I had previously been, plus I guess I am learning to just accept the way my legs look and live with it. It felt good to be in a bathing suit instead of long pants.

I am choosing to focus on what I have, not on what I lost. I thank God for the peace and comfort He gives through His spirit.

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