Waiting …

Waiting is hard! 
And we need to wait in many areas of our lives. 

“Between the wish and the thing life lies waiting.”

– Author Unknown

Some of the normal, mundane waits involve traffic lights, check-out lines and doctor’s offices. These we do often, the waits are relatively short – so they don’t usually cause great anxiety or stress. We expect these waits and handle them with patience. (and if you don’t – you need to work on that, because you will have to contend with them for the rest of your life)
Some waits are just plain annoying – like the waiting that has to happen when trying to loss weight. Lack of waiting ability is what screws up most diets. Losing weight is a major waiting event! When you decide you want to get to a healthy weight – you monitor what you eat and you exercise. You do this for a few days and you feel so good/holy/successful about yourself – but then you’re sick of it! All 10/20/50 pounds should be gone by now – gosh darn it! You are tried of waiting for this new eating plan to do its thing. The reality is – it will cause you to loss weight, if you can wait patiently, while sticking to the plan!
Other waits are scary – unlike weight loss, you aren’t sure what the outcome will be at the end of the waiting time. This would include waiting on applications or test results – could be educational, employment or medical. This type of waiting sends you on a roller coaster. You want the waiting to be over. No, you don’t want the waiting to be over – because living in the land of uncertainty might be better than the yes, no or maybe answer will be.
The waiting I’m in right now is somewhat in its own category. I’m waiting on a body to heal. I know bodies heal. I’ve seen and lived it for myself. But this time its not my own body I’m waiting on. It’s my child’s body that needs to heal. His trauma, injury, surgeries are in the past – now we wait. 
At nineteen, waiting on your body to heal is hard. At forty-four, seeing him have to wait is hard! He has a full life to live and right now it’s reduced to eating, sleeping and resting. 
I know healing is affected by what we do – rest, medicines, exercise and food. It all plays a part – for better or for worse. When it’s my own body healing, I can feel where that line is. When it’s someone else, I can’t. I can watch, monitor and assume, but ultimately I don’t know exactly how he’s feeling. So the poor guy is constantly having to answer my “how are you feeling” questions. I try to walk the line of caring mother, but not smother. I encourage him that healing will happen, he will not feel like this forever and things will get better.
As I hear what I’m saying to him, I’m reminded how interwoven waiting well and having the correct perspective is – in any kind of waiting. 
The mundane waits – the light will change, you will get to part with your money and the doctor will see you – why cause damage to yourself by stressing?
When losing weight – keeping the vision of a healthy body in mind makes the waiting easier. Knowing someday you can have a piece of chocolate again gives you strength to wait until that day and not blow your plan today. 
During the uncertain waits – correct perspective is critical. Being realistic about the fact that you could enjoy major bliss or suffer major disappointment is wise, but understanding that God will help you whatever the result helps make the waiting tolerable.
And when waiting for a body to heal – whether its your own or someone else, the correct perspective can help you have peace as you wait. Healing will happen and things will get better or as my mother often said, “This too shall pass.” 

“When we have done our best, we should wait the result in peace.” – Sir John Lubbock   
What type of waiting is hardest for you? What have you learned about waiting well? Would love to hear some tips!

4 thoughts on “Waiting …”

  1. Great post Janet.

    I can't pinpoint which waiting is hardest for me.. I have trouble with them all if the truth be told.

    But I am standing in faith as I wait.. like Paul taught the Ephesians…

    "For this reason, take up the whole armor of God so that you may be able to take a stand in that evil day. And when you have done everything you could, you will be able to stand firm." (Ephesians 6:13)

  2. Reading Exodus right now seeing how much like them I am..got all the promises and everything just doesn't move fast enough. Thanks for keeping us in the loop re: your son's recovering. Praying for you it just seems like alot for your family and yet reading it helps many, not that that helps you. THANKS

  3. I am not a great waiter. In fact, I am a terrible waiter. And I can't imagine being in the shoes you've been in these past few weeks — waiting on your son's surgery, now waiting for his recovery. It never gets easier, does it? I have two boys — 4 and 8. And I worry about them all the time…I guess it doesn't get easy when they are 19.

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