Update from Check-up

I should smell better now … I finally had a bath after 8 weeks of only ‘sponge-bathing’ 🙂

Dr. Sauer was happy with the healing of the Achilles tendon and the cast is gone and in it’s place is a walking ‘boot’. It looks something like a ancient ski boot, that I can remove to bathe, sleep and rest. YES! Over the next week, I will be able to put more and more weight on it and in about 8 to 10 days I should be able to kiss my crutches good-bye. I start physical therapy next week.

As for the nerve pain, Dr. Ducic says the random pain I have been experiencing on the upper leg is part of the healing process. He thinks more time is needed for more healing and he wants to see me again in August and then he will decide if he should do another process. As for the nerve pain I had sporadically on the side of my ankle … you won’t believe this, but he says the area where I have the pain has no nerve. The nerve is cut off up further in the large wound area and that the pains are ‘phantom pains’. My brain is telling me I have pain when I don’t actually have any … what?? He then also reassured me that I am not crazy … well that is nice to know.

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