Tuesday Morning Doctor Report

Doctors were very encouraged with his progress … they say he’s doing well considering the severe injury he had. He will recover and be fine! Thanks Dr. S and Dr J – I needed to hear that!!

During surgery yesterday a type of wound-vac called the Whittman Patch (don’t google if you don’t like gruesome pics) was placed in the open incision.  This promotes healing and allows them to gently close the incision little by little at bedside or in the OR. They described is as pulling velcro together. Dr. S will be looking at it today and probably pulling it shut a little more at bedside, then tomorrow Joe will go to OR again. The docs seemed semi confident that it can be completely closed tomorrow – but it might be Thursday.

They were happy with the changed feeding tube, his vitals, temp (its down to 99 now) and his urine – clear, no more blood!

With an injury – a neck collar is standard procedure until cleared. Earlier x-rays and/or cat scan have shown there are no fractures, but they cannot remove it unless an MRI clears the potential of ligament damage or the patient can clearly say that he has no pain in his neck. Trying to avoid a MRI, they were waiting until Joe wakes up, but now that it could be Thur or Fri until he’s not sedated, they have scheduled an MRI today – so hopefully the collar can be removed after that.

Yesterday I noticed his right elbow was slightly black and blue, so I asked for an x-ray. The results are back – no breaks, just bruised.  The docs feel that is probably what he jammed into his kidney and caused the rupture.

He hasn’t responded to me this morning, because he is really groggy from the extra meds to change the feeding tube. So, I didn’t stay in long, because I want him to be able to sleep – so he doesn’t feel or know anything!

Now … off to call Penn State Berks to cancel his classes for this semester. He has calc II and chem II this semester, along with a few other classes and he will be too far behind by the time he can go. He will so annoyed when he realizes this …

7 thoughts on “Tuesday Morning Doctor Report”

  1. Appreciate the updates … it's hard to be the one in the bed and it's hard to be the one on the bedside. I know you have known both. Keeping all of you in prayer.

  2. Hi Janet & family~
    I'm so pleased to hear that Joe is doing much better. Please know that you're ALL in our prayers…..for quick healing, wisdom and guidance for the doctors, nurses and all the others who will help in his recovery and for all of you to find inner peace, patience, love and to remember to look towards the sky~to God~when things are looking down. Chins up!!
    Hugs & blessings,
    Cathy Bourner

  3. hi janet, this is ahren. rodney and i were planning to come and visit joe on thursday or friday for a bit. could you please let me know if it is alright for us to make the trip and what time might be best? if you would rather not have us come until he is in better shape that is fine as well. keep in touch. thanks.

  4. Good to hear he's progressing, though I'm sure much slower than you'd like. The body is amazing, no? So resilient, much like our God who protects us and answers prayers. Thank you for taking the time to update. Peace, Janet.

  5. Thank you all for your prayers!

    Ahren and Rodney – I sure Joe would appreciate a visit from you, once he's awake. But he will still be on the breathing machine on Thursday, and will still be sedated, so Friday is probably a better day to visit. He should be awake more and maybe even able to talk then – we hope!
    call or text me this afternoon or evening and then I'll have more details 484-798-7824

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