Trees are items of wonder to me. They can start with a seed as small as this word and grow to be much taller than a house. Only an amazing creator could do that! Trees give us endless resources – paper, your house and many items in it. Dyes and medicines are made from the bark, while leaves and roots provide oils for cosmetics and medicines. We know that maple syrup is from the sap of trees – but did you know sap is used to make gum, crayons, paint, and soap? Anyone want a fresh, juicy peach or a crunchy apple? The list of nutritious food we get from trees is endless. While enjoying a cup of hazelnut coffee – thank God for nut trees. You want to be “green” – plant a tree. Trees are like the lungs of the planet – they produce oxygen and remove carbon dioxide from the air. Trees save energy, because they help cool your home in the summer and act as windbreaks in the winter. If you live near a highway or noisy business, planting some trees will reduce the noise pollution by absorbing sound. Trees are always changing … I love their beautiful, unique display each season. I am equally impressed with the relative small size of a tree trunk compared to the massive spread of the branches. This is possible because of the wonderful creation of having the unseen roots spread in all directions underground as far as the branches above. The roots supply the water/nutrients and stability needed to keep the trunk alive and strong enough to face whatever the world throws at it.

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  1. Wow Janet-there is a whole Bible Study course right there in the making-our lives as the trees! So many commonalities to our lives. Thanks for sharing

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