Today was odd …

Today was a mixture of odd emotions. I am happy and scared that my story might bring hope to others through an article in Reading Eagle sometime in the next few weeks. I had been interviewed by the reporter by phone on Tuesday. Then today I had pictures taken of me running. I am happy to share my story if it encourages others to never give up, even when life looks overwhelming. On the other hand, it feels odd to be talking about me and having pics of me taken by a photographer.
I met Ryan, the photographer at Gring’s Mill around 1pm. The wind was nasty at the time, but thankfully as we walked over a bridge to the trail, the trees blocked some of the wind. After looking around briefly, Ryan told me where and when to run along the path as he shot pictures. I was excited to run again, since I haven’t run the past 2 days because my knee has been hurting. The knee felt good this morning – but as soon as I took about 20 steps, the pain was back! I wasn’t happy, but determined to run when/where Ryan told me to, so I ignored the pain and ran as relaxed as I could. Thankfully, he had the pics he needed in about 10 minutes, so I survived.
Tonight my knee feels okay as long as I sit still (I’ve been icing it periodically) but I feel light pain when walking and severe pain when doing steps and/or bending my knee.
I’m not sure what this pain means, but I’m focused on taking one day at a time – that’s how I’ve gotten to where I am and I know that’s all that God asks of us – deal with this day and trust him for tomorrow.

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