Today = good day!

Yesterday I wrote … tomorrow will be better than today – right?? I didn’t have a crisis yesterday or have anything major go wrong. It was just a combination of waking up in a funk, a house that needed organizing, being in pain, too many scattered tasks that needed completing, annoyed at life, blah, blah …
Thankfully today was better!!
It wasn’t anything super fantastic, but it sure beat yesterday. I still woke up in somewhat of a funk, but after spending the morning looking back over the past 5 years, I had an attitude adjustment. Miracles happened and I’ve come a long way! I was fine-tuning what I will be saying at Lancaster Christian Writers (LCW) tomorrow morning. I’ve attend LCW monthly for the past year or two and have learned a lot about writing from the workshops and the critique groups. They were looking for people do workshops and I offered to share some hightlights from what I learned at STORY in Chicago in late October. Jeanette Windle, the founder and director of LCW, asked me to also share some of my story with the group.
Then this afternoon, I went on a bike ride with two friends … it was a sunny, cool fall day. I loved being outdoors – and felt good after conquering the hills we rode on (well, almost conquering – I walked up the last half of the steepest one)
Tonight its dinner out to celebrate my sister’s birthday!
So all in all, a good day!
PS: Decided to wear this dress to the wedding next weekend, so I don’t even have to go shopping 🙂

4 thoughts on “Today = good day!”

  1. Hi Janet! It's been fun to meet you at FB. Thanks for bringing some JanetO in with the comments you leave. I loved your Coffee Drink comment 😉 .. liquid black .. LOL.

    I hope you rock it tomorrow! I'm happy you got to nail down your talk (if you can share your notes, that'd be awesome) & your dress!

  2. Thanks Heather!

    Bonnie – enjoying FB and getting to know you.

    Yes, Bryan … it would be great to have you join us sometime – like today 🙂

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