Tired of …

I realized recently what I do with my blog. I post on the days when ‘life is good’ or I have an update on my physical issues. On the days when I am struggling with something, I just avoid writing here or I post quotes from others. Is that called focusing on the positive, avoiding real issues or wanting to put a ‘good face’ on?

I have had a few tough days … I’m

  • tired of the cast,
  • tired of the restrictions it imposes on me,
  • tired of having my physical body dictate my life and scared that it always will.

Two years ago I was running on the beach in CA, today I am sitting in a recliner in PA.

  • tired of “being thankful that I am alive and that I have my leg”
  • I want my old body back.

Though I know it is true … I question the ‘God is in control’ thing and ‘Everything will work out for good’. It is not feeling like that today. Not just with myself, but everyone has struggles … this life is hard and I am tired of struggles.

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