Thursday Thoughts – “Will It Matter in a Year?”

I have an unscheduled day in front of me. No meetings, no appointments, nothing that has to be done. (Yippee!!) Yes, there’s things I could do – like clean or organize or weed – but nothing that will really matter a year from now whether or not I do it. The ‘will it matter in a year’ question guides a lot of what I do in life.

Yes, some of you will be jealous because you can’t remember the last time you had an empty day. But start asking yourself “Will it matter in a year?” You might find more free time.

And some of you have too many unscheduled days. You wish you had somewhere to go. Or you wish you were able to go anywhere – you’d even be happy to attend a boring meeting. I’m sorry … and I hope you will find something meaningful to fill your day. Write, draw, paint, leave comments on blogs – your voice is valuable

If your day is not what you want it to be – visit my online acquaintance that has had too many days this past year that she didn’t want. Her birthday is today and her post is inspiring. Happy Birthday Gitzen Girl!

Today’s a day we all have – what are you doing with it? 

I’m going offline and writing 🙂

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