Tension and Balance

Due to the injury to my left calf in the accident I was in 18 months ago, I lost one of the two main tendons in my lower left leg. These tendons normally work in tension with each other and help stabilize our feet. One draws our foot inward and the other draws it outward. The one that pulls our foot outward is the one that was cut off by the injury I had. Because of this, there is no opposing balance for the tendon that pulls my foot inward. It has ‘free reign’ so to speak, and I have to be careful that I don’t overturn my ankle due to my foot pulling inward too far.

This lesson in tensions and balances has been brewing in my mind for some time. In all of life there is a correct balance to be found.

To name a few …
Parents … not involved enough — smothering children with too much
Money … living for money — not providing for self and family
Food … not enough — too much
Books … never reading & learning — only reading & learning (is that really bad?)
Friends … no friends — life controlled by friends
Women … not valued, abused — women declaring men no good

There are many areas of life where balance is needed, except chocolate and coffee 🙂 The one that I am thinking about today is the last one … women, especially in the church of believers of God.
There have been rumbles for some time now about this subject. My concern is that in the quest to find out where/what/who God has created us to be, we swing the pendulum too far in the opposite direction. There is no male or female in the age to come, but for this time, in this age, on this earth, God has desired that it be so. That tells me that He wants the two of us genders to help balance each other, even if one is from Mars and the other is from Venus! He is an efficient, orderly God. There is a reason; there is a need for the correct tension to keep each one from pulling too far inward or too far outward. I am reminded of that with each step I take.

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