Taking a Break

Earlier this week, I’ve saw a number of other bloggers mention that they are taking a break from posting for holy week and Easter. I didn’t want to be seen as “joining the bandwagon” so I thought I would keep posting. But I’ve reconsidered and decided I want to take some time off. 

Posting consistently has been a struggle for me lately … I need to look at how I’m spending my days to see why I don’t have enough of time. Plus, I’m getting a new website/blog soon and I’m scared about what/how/when/why I will keep my blog alive and fresh. 

So I’m going to take some time off and think/process/pray about what’s next. 

Happy Easter!

5 thoughts on “Taking a Break”

  1. I spent some time getting to know you this afternoon — BTW, I know Susan very well and have for nearly 50 years. Anyhow, I read the "grief" piece and it was so very true. Just like you, had to discover that grieving was OK and sometimes absolutely necessary to move on. Mine not like yours and Susie's — outwardly physical with the emotional attachments — but plain ol' fashioned abusive treatment and anger that nailed me — mine and theirs — but God… Oh, w/o Him what would we all do?

    Hope your Holy Week celebration with Him blesses your socks off.

  2. You're working on a book, right?

    I say go with that… 🙂

    But, then again, what do I know… ?

    My hubby's always reminding me to refrain from offering unsolicited advice. LOL. 😉

    Just excited 'bout your story… I'm all for taking a break — to renew and to re-allign to your heart.

    Happy Easter, Janet!

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