Surgery Report

Surgery went well and we will be home around 7pm today. I am in pain so pray for that.

– posted by josh

Yes, home the same day. Though I was nervous about driving home today, I am now very happy to be back in my house on my recliner. They gave me some type of 18-hour pain med and said that it would be better to drive home today when that was in effect, then tomorrow.

Both parts of the surgery went well and Dr. Sauer didn’t have to make as long an incision as he thought he might need to at the ankle, so they released me around 3pm.
Took my meds as soon as I got home, throw them up promptly, tired to eat a little, then took more meds. Staying down for about an hour now.
Pain of left ankle is bad … it is in a position that is has not been in for about 2 years and held firmly there with a cast.

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