Sunday Sayings

Sayings from Cultivate and STORY this week …

The best stories restore our faith in God and remind us that we are not alone. -Nancy Beach

Get inspired, encouraged and excited by other people’s stories – but don’t tell them. Tell your own story. -Jon Acuff

Too often, we don’t have time to listen to others; but if we do, we can help people find healing.  It’s not one-size-fits-all … people are complex. -Dave Gibbons

When the authors of scripture wrote down the oral stories they had heard, I don’t think they were thinking about the fact that we would dissect scripture word for word in this century. Ron Martoia

Don’t read the Bible so you can argue better. The Bible is not a sword to pick up and hit people with – it’s meant to do surgery on our own hearts. – Chris Seay

Too much of the teachings today say there is a pill, program, or person to solve your problems. It reduces Jesus to a commodity. We’ve made Jesus into the equivalent of a DuctTape, WD40 Combo pack – just about all you need to fix anything.Skye Jethani

Maybe the Bible wasn’t meant to be relived and retold by following it word for word, but maybe the stories were meant to help us live our own stories in our own way.  Ron Martoia

How do we live with the fact that we pick and choose what we want to follow in scripture? Don’t believe me – how much of Acts 2:42 – 47 do you follow?Ron Martoia

Finding the right answers is not as important as asking the right questions. Jesus told parables that He didn’t explain. Are you asking the right questions?Phil Cooke

These are comments taken from 30 to 40 minute teachings, so they might make more sense to me since I heard the whole teachings. Any questions/thoughts about them? Feel free to comment.

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