Sunday Saying

We learn and grow by taking time to reflect on our days. In ten years, when you look back on this day – what memory do you want to have of today? Step back – take a look at your life and see if you like what you see now and try to envision what you will think when you look back on this day. 

“Because how we spend our days is, 
of course, 
how we spend our lives.” 

4 thoughts on “Sunday Saying”

  1. I tend to take things day by day especially when raising a "lost" teenage girl. Ten years from now I hope that I have stuck to the rational side of decision making instead of sucumming to emotional tirades. Each night I go to bed asking myself what could I do better to help her get to the next level. We have two grown women living under the same roof and there are days that are tenuous.

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