Sunday Saying – Realization

On Friday, while adjusting my back, Dr. Tom was in a teaching mood, “Adjusting your back will take time. Your body was used to doing life in a certain pattern and it won’t change overnight. Some of that is because your brain has been telling those muscles to do life that way for years. Each adjustment helps your brain realize that it should send different signals to those muscles because their pattern of behavior is changing.”
Then he said, “In order for there to be change – there has to be realization.”
I’m not sure what he said after that, because I just had a major realization!
As I strive to change some habits I don’t want to grow old with – I have to gently renew my body/mind/spirit so it realizes that something is changing. This will take time, it won’t happen overnight (or even in a week or two)
I have to allow the x-ray of my spirit to help me realize where I need emotional and/or spiritual adjustments. If I want change and if I want to be renewed, I first need realization.

“Success is the progressive realization of a worthy goal or ideal.” – Earl Nightingale

Realization – any areas in your life that need it? 

4 thoughts on “Sunday Saying – Realization”

  1. Dear Janet first things first. Thank you so very much for your uplifting words. Because of a lot of blog friends I remembered. I can do it. I can change things around. I need to. And your warm thoughts are like a blanket covering me. Making me whole again, the pain is leaving.

    Like you: realization is the keyword. Once you get that.. the rest will follow.

    I wish you a good journey with no pain and relaxed muscles. Let it sink into your head my friend. Do believe that God has great plans for you: 'Because you can'.

  2. Barefoot – Thanks! I like the last sentence in your comment 🙂

    Jeanne – Thank you!

    Susan – Realization is an ongoing process, isn't it?

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