Sunday Saying

The love we have for God 
and the joy we feel for His blessings 
isn’t best expressed in song or prayer, 
but in deeds. -Billy Coffey

Thanks to Twitter, I found a blog called “What I Learned Today” written by Billy Coffey. He started writing the blog after one of his children parroted his daily question “What did you learn today?” back to him. He realized that was a good question for himself, not just his children, since no one should ever quit learning. Now he goes through his days being aware of what’s happening around him. Then he takes what he learns and weaves beautiful stories about it. He’s real and his posts are often reminders that our walk with God is much more than just believing or saying the right things.

In a recent post, he wrote, “I propose a return to what Christmas really means—the giving of a gift without the expectation of return. An expression of love and encouragement. Sometimes the best way to pick yourself up is to pick up someone else. And in that light, I’m asking for a favor. I’m asking that you set aside a few dollars and bless someone. It doesn’t have to be ten, doesn’t have to be five. Let it be as much or as little as your situation deems possible. The amount doesn’t matter. It’s what you do with what you have.” 

I’m going to take his challenge. Over the next few weeks, I plan to keep cash in my pocket and to intentionally look for needs around me.

Want to join the challenge also? There’s more information in this post of his.

Also, celebrating Billy Coffey as a part of the

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7 thoughts on “Sunday Saying”

  1. Yay! Can't wait to hear how you blessed someone. Thanks for joining in. I'm going to attempt another one this week. Not going to Starbucks, though…

  2. Oh this is a beautiful idea. I'm joining in here. And have small cash tucked away in a pocket of my jeans will do the trick to have it right when you need it.

    It's making my day already.
    Thanks for spreading the word. May God price you for this one by shining an extra light on you today (so keep looking for it ;-)))

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