Sunday Saying

A few months ago, I began reading Elizabeth Esther’s blog. I like her writing – its honest, real and thoughtful. And its comforting to find someone else that asks as many questions at I do.
This Sunday Saying is a quote from a post of hers called I don’t know what I know. 
“I keep midnight company with questions. Sometimes I make them a pot of tea and we stare bleakly at each other over the empty table and I say to them: “What do you expect me to do now?”
They shrug, sip their tea. We’re sorry, they seem to say. We didn’t ask to be here.” ~Elizabeth Esther

Elizabeth Esther hosts THE SATURDAY EVENING BLOG POST the first Saturday of each month. This is where bloggers gather to share their best post from the previous month. I’ve joined the party this month and linked my most read post to her page. 

To meet new bloggers and read their best posts, go see Elizabeth Esther.

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