Step by Step … 13 on the 13th!

I spent most of 2005 and 2006 in a hurricane. Yes, it was one of the longest hurricanes in history – ask any meteorologist. 
I dubbed it Hurricane Reality, because I had to deal with an unwanted reality following a horrific accident. I had too much pain and too many limitations. Depression followed. One dark night I wrote my obituary. 
I needed help – lots of help. After gentle mentoring, intense counseling, many prayers and some repair surgeries to help decrease my pain, I began having hope again. 
Reality was not what I wanted it to be, but I looked for beauty in every day – a flower, a hug, a good book, dark chocolate – step by step I found life worth living again.

I began going for walks. I slowly increased them – step by step … 

Another repair surgery in 2008 gave my foot more range of motion and took away some more pain. I was a runner pre-accident and I began jogging again – step by step … 
This morning I did 4.5 miles as the last training run for a half-marathon (13.1 miles) I’m doing this Sunday. I will run 8 minutes/walk 2 minutes and repeat till I fall across the finish line. 13 on the 13th!  

Physically I think I am ready for the race. I’ve followed a good training schedule. The longest run of 12 miles happened 2 weeks ago – it was hard work, but I did it and felt okay afterwards. 
I’ve been eating well – though there are still a few stubborn pounds clinging to me that I thought I’d have run off by now! 
Mentally I think I am ready … just hoping my mind doesn’t play any stupid tricks on me in the middle of the race – like trying to tell me it hurts too much or my funky leg justifies me quitting or I can’t do this or something wimpy like that. 
This week I alternate between thinking I’m ready and being anxious about how it will go. 
Today though … mostly I sit (I like my recliner after a run) in awe and amazement at the way a body can recover from traumatic injuries and the way a mind, a spirit and emotions can overcome a hurricane. 
My emotions have recovered, but I don’t know about my mind because my sons like to tell me that I had brain damage, they just haven’t told me yet 😉 
My body is not perfect, but it works amazing well, one step at a time …

Hurricanes can’t be overcome in a day – but step by step, they can be conquered. Me doing 13 on the 13th is evidence of that. 

Any hurricanes in your life that you need to overcome – taking it one step at a time? 

PS. If this post is formatted odd – blame Blogger, I can’t seem to fix it. Can’t wait for my new website with WordPress blog!

2 thoughts on “Step by Step … 13 on the 13th!”

  1. I did a training camp for running this spring and one of the things the coach said that stuck with me is ..I'm not teaching you to run 13.1 mies…I'm teaching you to run a mile really well, and then you're going to do it again…12 times.

    Be true to your walk breaks, keep them productive, and remember to hydrate.

    You got this!!

  2. Thanks for the encouragement Nadine!
    Agree with breaking it into 1 mile segments – check out the quote and thoughts I posted today.

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