Son Joseph Injured

My 19 yr old son Joseph fell while doing a flip on his snowboard around 12:30 on Saturday. His friend Eric said he had a hard time catching his breathe. He throw up the lunch he had just eaten, but then got up and snowboarded the rest of the way down the hill. He said it felt like he might have broken a rib so they went to ski patrol. Eric said then Joe started to walk really slow and bent over. As he was being examined, he really started to fade and an ambulance was called.

Eric called Jerry and I and by the time we drove the hour to Lehigh Valley Hospital, Joe was in surgery.

Doctor came out an hour or two later with grim news. Joe had fallen hard on his right side and that kidney was severely damaged. Doc wasn’t sure it could be repaired, but wanted to give it a little time to see if the bleeding stops.

Bleeding did not stop, so kidney was removed in a 2nd surgery. Doc said this surgery could take up to 4 hrs, but it only took an hour and a half. Doc said it went really well.

Joe’s vitals stabilized after that.

Abdomen is swollen from bruising everywhere, so the incision was left open to allow his guts room to expand. It is covered with a dressing, but it looks really odd. His normally very flat abs now have a major distension protruding out about 5″ x 7″ or so.
This incision will remain open for a few days until the swelling goes down. He will be sedated and on a breathing machine so he doesn’t move.

As for me, I’ve already been scared, sad, anger, annoyed (not at him, just at the circumstances) and grateful! Grateful at the love of people…. there was a roomful of friends here and many more (near and far) sending messages of love – thank you!

And I am grateful that Joseph survived! And he should be able to do life almost as before with one kidney – minus snowboarding, of course.

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  1. Hey Janet, praying for your sons's full recovery today. Although I will have to say, him finishing the run says a lot about his toughness!! Or stubbornness, both of which will be a benefit during the recovery!

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