Sit Still …

Sit Still …
But there are other blessings that will be ours only if we stop chasing after them and let them come to us, like the butterfly that eludes our grasp when we try to catch it, but comes to perch on our shoulder when we stop chasing it and sit still.
– Harold Kushner
I have been sitting in the physical sense for almost 6 weeks with this cast and I have it until June 5th. But my mind was not sitting still. The first two weeks were not too bad, but then everything got to me … the cast, pain, limitations, future, boys, husband and
the options I don’t have right now.
– taken on vacation Aug. ’05
I am now trying to be content with sitting still and am hoping to catch some butterflies 🙂 Yes, the next two weeks will be long, but I know they will not be forever. During this time I want to catch ‘butterflies’ of truth, of compassion for others, of love and a deeper connection with God.
Obviously with crutches, I do get up and around some, more now than at first as my hands and arms have gotten stronger. But due to the wound on my left calf, if I don’t have my leg propped up, it swells. And that is the leg in the cast, so it gets no walking motion when I am up, it just hangs there in the cast, making it swell rather quickly. So I can’t walk as much as I would like to. I am normally not much of a movie person, but that is changing … I love movies now. I reserve what I want online from my library and Josh picks them up for me. Any suggestions?

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