Saturday, October 28, 2006

Savoring the moments of … Saturday, October 28, 2006

  • perfect fall day
  • a gorgeous and comfortable home of a friend
  • the leaves on the trees sparkling in the sunlight
  • excellent camaraderie in preparing and assembling food
  • ‘Living Room Conversation’ from two to four
  • dual roles – committee member and quest
  • anticipation as the clock approaches two
  • arrival of about twenty interesting folks – college student, mothers, fathers, director, counselor, a few authors, college professors, a few pastors and many more roles I’m not aware of
  • Author Philip Yancey and his wife, Janet
  • humbled as Janet thanked me for addressing him as Philip instead of Mr. Yancey
  • happy to express thanks to him for his writings that helped me process some of my life
  • appreciated him taking his ‘rightful place’ as the guest of honor, but yet not making the afternoon about him
  • happy for the breezes that found the open windows and refreshed us
  • gave the accident story in a nutshell and was struck that it is because of it that I am ‘here, now’
  • heard perspectives different than my own and want to learn something from them
  • felt the passion each has for living for their maker
  • savored the moment – the present moment as a gift along my life’s journey
  • was awed and humbled by the wisdom in the room and took note of the difference between that and knowledge
  • felt the love for others in the informal conversation after the ‘conversation’

Janet is in pink blouse with Philip over her left shoulder

  • fun, adrenaline rush to then quickly head to Twin Valley High School for the next event
  • ‘Finger Food Reception’ for an hour with sponsors of the event
  • watched human behavior with a ‘famous’ person in the room (some fascinates me and some humbles me)
  • enjoyed being served by competent young adults
  • event felt big and scattered after being ‘close’ in living room
  • Main Evening Speaking Event from seven to nine
  • loved the excitement and calmness of the committee members as it all came together
  • as the auditorium filled with over 800 people wanting to hear someone talk about God, I noted the irony that it is in a building where typically God can’t be mentioned.
  • loved the fun energy as the music played
  • very glad to have _____ (someone that is lost on their way through life) there
  • blessed by a man of small statue with a big, powerful voice leading Amazing Grace
  • interesting to see Philip’s concentration during opening, leading up to his hour of speaking (prayer and gathering of thoughts, I assume)
  • enjoyed hearing about international Christians and the many ‘calls’ of life
  • wow, no notes, Philip?
  • Bible and picture of important moment of his life was all that was needed
  • walking the path of Jesus is different for each of us … seek and you will find
  • pray for your enemies … could our enemies in this day and age be those men on the deck of playing cards … do you think maybe we should pray for them?
  • impressed with quick cleanup

Reflections a few days after the event …

  • amazed by the humble attitudes expressed by the ones ‘in charge’ – true servants!
  • impressed with all the details taken care of
  • loved his wife – Janet, sweet, insightful person
  • appreciating more deeply the thoughts of Philip in answer to my question
  • my question, “My first priority is to love God with my whole being and love others as myself … is there many ways I walk that out or is there one specific purpose/plan that God has for me?” His main thought was to connect to God daily through prayer, reading, etc and just allow Him to direct. The choices are many and not to stress about finding the right one, but to put my energies into the relationship with God. The path for each individual will be made clear in that.
  • also, loving Janet’s comments to me more as time goes on. She noted that because I am married and have children, my first purpose is as a wife and then as a mother. And again, she said don’t stress about what happens beyond that, but just continue pursuing God.
  • the challenge to love (and pray) for our enemies
  • thoughts about how the change in our country will probably not happen with the ‘right’ people in the right places politically, but with the followers of God loving others as themselves.

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