Saturday Morning Surprise

I love surprises like this – on a sidewalk in Reading this morning I bumped into one of the docs that helped save my leg in Reading Hospital 4 years ago. It started out as a normal Saturday morning of errands and as I walked out of a store, I looked to my right and coming down the sidewalk was a gentleman with a look of ‘I’ve got places to go and people to see, so don’t get in my way’ all over his face and pace. I started to back up to let him pass in his rush, then instead moved forward and stuck out my hand as I said, “Hello Doctor.” For a second, he looked annoyed at the interruption, but then greeted me with a smile and an out-stretched hand. “Janet, how are you,” he asked. We chatted briefly, with me feeling slightly anxious about holding him up, but loving a chance to reconnect. This doctor was one of the first surgeons I’d saw in PA after coming home from California 6 weeks after my injuries. Though at first, he was concerned that my leg could or would not even heal, he operated on me twice and what he did is what needed to be done to allow my leg to heal.

As he walked away this morning, he called back, “Be careful, don’t do anything dumb in life, I don’t want to see you in the office.” Hearing him say that, I hated to interrupt whatever mission he was on again, but I couldn’t pass this up “On that note, is it dumb to try to run 4 miles on this leg?” I asked. Guess I peaked his interest, because he stopped and waited for me to come over to his car and asked me for details. Hearing my plan, he was optimistic and said, “No, that’s not dumb – but train wisely! Slowly increase your distance and never run two days in a row, always give your leg a break between runs.” I was thrilled as I thanked him profusely for his time and advice!

Garden Spot Marathon – here I come!

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  1. Janet-you have me in tears. You go girl. My mom lives at Garden Spot. She will want to know that you are running. So sorry to have missed you on Sunday. Phil said he saw you…Come see us! Love you. Annie

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