Running on the Thun Trail

Wonderful spring honeysuckle along the trail.

Running is feeling better and better – yippee! At first, I walked more than ran, but now it’s reversed. Today Jerry and I ran on the Thun Trail, starting at the parking lot at Ridgewood Soils (Take Exit for Route 724 off of 176, go 724 E for a few feet, then turn left and follow ‘Trail Parking’ signs) We went east on the trail towards Gibraltar – 2.1 miles one way.

I usually walk between 1/4 mile and 1/2 mile and stretch lightly before I run. After running a mile or so, if I feel any tight ‘spots’ on my legs, I will stop and stretch again, to make sure everything is working as smoothly as it can. Then at the end I try to stretch every area/muscle for at least 30 seconds each. (hips/thighs/calves/ankles/etc)
I was excited after my run today – I high-fived Jerry as I finished saying, “Another miracle!” Other than the day of the Garden Spot Marathon Relay, this is the longest I’ve ran without taking walking breaks – 3.75 miles – other than a short break half-way through to stretch a tight spot or two. Thanking God for the way our bodies can get stronger – slowly, but surely!

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