Running Trails

Union Canal Towpath Trail

This body of mine defiantly feels better after running on a trail surface versus on a road. So I’ve been scoping out all the trails I can find near my house. Wow, I live in a great area for trails – I didn’t know there were so many – all within 7 to 12 miles from my house.

Angelia Creek Trail

Exeter Scenic River Trail – parking along Gibraltar Road, 1.2 mile north of Rt. 724
Horseshoe Trail – crosses Maple Grove Rd a mile from my house
Nolde Forest – a number of different trails in this state park
Thun Trail – I like to start at Brentwood Park – you can go east or west from there, plus there’s a few other starting spots around Reading.
Union Canal Towpath Trail – Starting at either Gring’s Mill or Red Bridge.

All are great walking and/or running trails, expect the Horseshoe Trail and Nolde Forest are suited best for walking/hiking, not as good for running.

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