Running versus Biking

In January, I started to run and I’ve been running 2 to 3 miles a few times a week since then. It’s been nice to feel my body get stronger slowly, but surely. I have to balance my runs and the rest of life carefully – if I’m on my feet a few hours for something else, then I might have to push my run off a day and/or my run has to be shorter.

Earlier this summer, I rode Jerry’s sister’s comfort bike and was surprised how great it felt to bike – it didn’t stress my legs out as much as running does. I promptly began researching bikes and found one that I liked. I’ve been happily biking a few times a week (from 4 to 10 miles) the past month. I even did a 19-mile ride on a nice gravel trail with some friends. So I began a routine of running one day, biking the next, then taking a day off. It’s good balance for my body. I still want to run – I’ve been a runner since 1994. After the accident I didn’t know if I would ever run again, so I’m thrilled to do it again, but I’m finding that I like biking better and most days I would rather bike, than run.

Plus this summer our “Running … because I can Club” switched from meeting Monday nights to Tuesday nights. And for some reason, messing with the schedule has messed with my drive/desire to run (so nice I have something to blame it on!) We are now meeting at my friend Patsy’s house. Patsy has a pool and a hot tub, so I should have motivation to run, so I can come back to jump into them. Running 2 miles at club tonight was torture – everything hurt and I had no energy. I kept telling myself about the joy of finishing and the cool pool and hot hottub that would be waiting for me – didn’t work well, I hated every minute of it.

Tomorrow I have another bike ride scheduled with friends – we are doing 20 some miles on the Perkiomen Valley Trail. I am excited and ready to go and already thinking about where/when the next bike ride could be. Just don’t ask me to run right now.

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