Rest Days

Well, the training is done for now … and these are the rest days. Part of me loves a few days of no running (especially in the rainy and/or windy weather we’ve been having) but the other part of me finds it hard to rest because I want to go run, so I can run well on Saturday. Part of me feels like I need to train more and so I should be running NOW. (I just want to do one more long, hard run and lose 10 lbs – why didn’t I do that a month ago?)
But wisdom tells me it’s not good to starve myself now and it’s too late to train more, any training I wanted to do needs to have already happened. The best thing I can do for my legs now is give them rest, so they feel good for tomorrow and eat a healthy, balanced diet so I have energy.

Telling myself to remember it’s one step at a time – I know the best way for me to do that is to spend some time today doing what the Psalmist said centuries ago … “Be Still and know that I am God.”

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