Remembering – Blog Carnival

Remembering …
And missing being.
A few years ago, I spent hours outside in silence and stillness.
I remember feeling like I could
reach out and touch the creator of it all. 
I remember listening to my breath and being in awe of it …
Realizing how close I came to not having it.
I remember being in awe of life.
                                               Fall in southeast PA
I miss that feeling.
I’ve been busy – its been good,
but I haven’t taken the time to be recently.
I don’t want to live on memories.
I want to experience my creator, savior and sustainer today.
So enough of remembering … time to live this day by being! 
Because today is what I have – not the past and not the future.
Remembering is good…
And so is being fully alive in the present moment!

Blog Carnival – One word at a time: “Remember”

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