Reflections on a Cave Adventure

Thoughts by Rosene Hoover
1969 – 2008

In March, 2008 my sister and niece traveled with me to Belize to see friends. One day we went sightseeing to Barton Creek Caves where you explore a cave in a canoe. As we talked about going into the cave, I was excited to try two new things that I had never done before … canoeing and going inside of a cave. Since I have cerebral palsy and am in wheelchair, it was a slightly bumpy process to get me settled on the cushion in the canoe, but once I was in, I was comfortable.

As we floated through the cave, I was amazed at the big, beautiful rocks deep inside of the earth. God created them thousands of years ago and only a small number of people every saw them. Why did He bother even making them? What was the point? Yet, there they stood … strong and beautiful. I decided God had a special purpose in creating them, even if I do not understand it.

I thought about all this, because it is something I have wondered about myself over the years. By reflecting on the rocks, I realized that God had also created me for a purpose, even if I do not understand what or why. One joyous thing I thought of is the fact that I have something the rocks do not have … a personal relationship with God. I can understand and feel his never-ending love and care for me. I praise Him for that!

1 thought on “Reflections on a Cave Adventure”

  1. This morning I heard the song
    ” I Can Only Imagine”. I immediately thought of Rosene… She lit up a room with her smile and cheery voice.
    She has reached the most wonderful “adventure” of all.

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