Prayers Needed for Ruth Jackins

I received sad news yesterday. Ruth Jackins, a woman that is from a local community group I was a part of during the time I taught the boys at home was hit by a car. Ruth and her friend were out for an evening walk around 7:20, when Ruth was hit. Ruth’s injuries are critical – updates can be found here …

My heart is sad for Ruth, her family and for the driver of the car – each one is in a tough place. Please join me in praying for all of them.

I’m not writing the following based on the accident mentioned about, because I do not know details about speed, lights, reflective vests, etc. in Ruth’s accident – I’m writing this to try and prevent the next one.
Please be careful on the roads, whether you are on foot, on bike or in a vehicle, especially at dusk. I think of this all the time, because I walk, run, bike and drive on the roads. I like to exercise on trails and I think this will make me head to the trails even more.
When on foot or bike, especially at dusk, wear the proper safety features – reflective vests and/or lights. Both of these are low-cost and sold at most departments stores in sporting goods.
Any driver at any age can be a sloppy driver, but I really think of the care needed when I’m driving with my 16-year old driver – most new drivers have no idea how careful a driver needs to be when someone is on the side of the road.

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