Optimistic Again :)

My strained muscle is feeling much better – and therefore I am feeling optimistic again 🙂

Through a neighbor, I met Monica, a massage therapist, last fall. I connected with her instantly – you can’t help but like her sweet personality and feel her love for everyone. Plus there’s some similarities in our lives – she’s the mother of 2 boys, she has hope in God, she used to be a runner and she received severe injuries in an accident that changed her life forever. Yes, we have connections and I like her! And to top all that, she gives great massages. Yes, I really like her!

I’ve been getting massages once or twice a month from her recently and had one yesterday. I explained my strained muscle to her – she gave me some great advice and then she massaged it – deep tissue MASSAGED it! Thought I was going to lift off the table a time or two, but yet I trusted that she knew what she was doing.
Last night I was ‘cursing’ her – the muscle was sooo sore from her ‘unknotting’ the lumps. The lumps were probably caused by both the severe bruising that area of my leg took almost 5 years ago and the strain of running downhill too fast too soon about 16 days ago. I iced it a few times and went to bed wondering what the morning would hold.
Today I’m thrilled with her – my muscle feels sooo much better than it has for days. This afternoon I walked 1 1/2 mile and did a 30-minute Dvd workout with my new exercise ball (to strengthen my core) To be on the safe side, I modified a few exercises to make sure I don’t twist my knee while putting pressure on the muscle, because I knew that could hurt/aggravate it.
After walking and exercising, I iced the muscle and now (two hours later) I have no pain. When I press on the muscle, it’s still sensitive from Monica’s powerful touch yesterday, but no pain at all while walking or sitting/bending it. I almost want to go for a run on the treadmill tonight, but I know that won’t be wise – a few more days of no-impact workouts will give it time to heal more completely.

This weekend – running is in my plans again 🙂 Thank you Monica!

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