My Sister Rosene – Her prayers

 This is Post 3, writings from my sister Rosene
Post 1 is here and Post 2 is here
My Prayer

Oh how I want to be guided by your holy wisdom
and led by your steady hand.
So that I can bloom where I’m planted, for you, Lord!
I want to wear the clothes of righteousness
and be dressed with your dressings.
So that I can let my situation be an
inspiration to all for you.
But I fall short miserably!
But thankfully I’m a sinner saved by grace

and a miracle of His mercies!
~Rosene Hoover
Rosene loved the beach – she loved the smell, the wind, the sounds and the vastness of it. In the summer it was a New Jersey beach and in the winter a Florida beach. She was always happy to transfer from her wheelchair to the lifeguard’s beach chair because that meant she would be able to get much closer to the water.
One is not happy if they are not like an ever-changing wave,
going and growing, being directed by the Master of all.  ~Rosene Hoover
Thy Word is a Lamp unto my Feet and a Light unto my Path!!   

It is so incredible that the Lord delights in me!
How ironic that he’ll rejoice over me with shouts of joy.
God, the best way for you to get through to us was
for you to live and suffer with us and die for me.
When you only wanted to offer us pure love,

but what did we do?
We turned it into conditional love.
I will give thanks to you, Oh Lord.
Your love is so deep!
When I cry, you weep!
Even through all my pain and discouraging days,
You are there and comfort me!!!
How priceless to be a precious child that delights in the Lord!
God’s love is forever and always the same!
It doesn’t depend on your looks or your name.
How incredible is that thought!
Believing in God is all that is required and
by you our desires are satisfied.
~Rosene Hoover

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  1. I've been reading about your sister this morning and have been so inspired. My prayers are with you this week as you remember and rejoice that she is no longer confinded to her earthly body, but is running, singing, sitting quietly with her Father. And yet I know that your heart still breaks because she is not with you. May God continue to offer you comfort.

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