My New Best Friend

I ‘met’ Zach last night and he’s my new best friend! I know just watching a video of someone on YouTube doesn’t really make them your best friend, but I’m ignoring that fact and pretending … Zach and I are best buds.

Zach is funny, honest and determined. And I love all those traits in a person. Zach has plans to live a full life and he won’t let an obstacle like Cerebral Palsy stop him. I’m drawn to his story because he’s funny, honest and determined (I know I said that before – I wanted to make sure you got it!)

I’m also drawn to his story because I had a sister Rosene who lived with CP and was also determined to overcome the obstacles in her life.

And I’m drawn to his story because I’ve overcome a few obstacles in life.

Zach’s oprah deal from Zach Anner on Vimeo.

Vote for him! Go! Now! Yes, Right now! 
(I’ll tell your mom if you don’t!) 
Click and vote for him here!!

Update Monday afternoon: 
Here’s a video Zach posted after he finds out that his video went viral this weekend. He loves you and the internet and wants to be in a Facebook relationship with everyone!

I don’t know why Blogger can’t keep this YouTube video within the boundaries I’ve set up. Which is another reason I’m breaking up with Blogger and getting in a relationship with a WordPress Blog soon. I can’t wait, I know WordPress and I won’t have any boundaries issues. 
Watch this video on YouTube instead.
And remember Vote for Zach here! 

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