Monday morning update on Joe

Joe’s surgery this morning was delayed … just spoke with the doc 30 minutes ago, then went to see Joe. The surgery report is a mixture of good and bad news. Doctor said everything in his abdomen looks good and is healing well – but swelling is still too much to totally close the incision. It’s partially closed and at this time the plan is to try to close it again on Wednesday – which means he will be on the vent and sedated until after that 🙁

We are sad about that – for him and ourselves. Nikki was hoping he’d have it out before she heads back to college on Wed.

Good news … he doesn’t have a fever anymore and his swelling continues to go down, so he looks better. And the big news – he’s peeing well, which means the other kidney is working good. (its amazing what you get excited about in a hospital) Also, with all his internal bleeding some of the blood had gotten into his bladder and his urine was very bloody at first … but now it is clearing up.

Some of you asked what he was doing when he got hurt. He was doing a back flip – which he did many times before. The front of his board caught something and flipped him at an odd angle and he landed on his right side without having time to put his arms out to stop himself. He’s fairly safety conscious – always wears a helmet and wrist guards to snowboard. Guess he should have had a worn a bullet proof vest or something to protect his kidney!

Here’s the first post about Joe getting hurt on Saturday.

3 thoughts on “Monday morning update on Joe”

  1. It is indeed amazing what we get excited about in a hospital. Clear pee! Yes!

    Still praying for the situation – specifically that the swelling will go down a little faster.

    Hang in there, Janet! We've got your back and you've got our prayers!

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