Monday Evening Update on Joe

Tonight … is hard. I was hoping he would be awake more today, but his temperature rose around noon again. His white cell count hasn’t changed, so they don’t think he has an infection, but they are doing blood and urine cultures to check.

They are using ice and Tylenol to try to bring his temp down. Plus, when the nurse asked him if he’s having pain, he shook his head yes, so his pain meds were increased. So with the duo of more pain meds and Tylenol – he’s really sleeping soundly all the time.

Which is good … I know that’s best for him, but I’m tired of this already. Please pray that I can have patience and peace.

I wrote the above … then Nikki and I went in to see him during the evening visiting hour and he was awake!! Thank you God! He shook his head no when I asked if he’s having pain. Nikki and I stood there and talked to him for a little. Then wanting to give Nikki a few minutes alone with him before we left, I told him I’m going home for the night and will see him in the morning. I kissed his hand, said good bye and started walking out of the room. Nikki called me back and pointed out that he was slowly wiggling his fingers. I asked him if he was waving good-bye and he shook his head yes.

So I go home with a measure of peace – it will be okay.

7 thoughts on “Monday Evening Update on Joe”

  1. Such a roller coaster for all of you. My prayers continue for a fast recovery and for all who care for Joe in all forms of the word CARE. Family and medical personnel.

    Glad you are getting some rest…if not good sleep.
    Each day will see improvement,so they can do his surgery. I have been the one in the bed as well as the one doing the best to cope. You know better than most folks that it is just as hard to be either.

    Take care, Kristisu

  2. Janet,

    I just prayed for Joe and your family. I thank God that he is making progress and pray for healing to continue.

    I am so sorry for all you are going through. I know you are strong and I can only guess that the rest of your family is too. Praying God will be that strength for all of you that you need. As well as peace and patience too;)

    Much Love,

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