Mental Health Concerns

My mom is traveling right now. Yesterday I stopped at her house to check something for her. As I was leaving, I was on the phone with her getting instructions to make sure I set the alarm system correctly when I left. 

After the system blinked “armed” I locked the door and walked towards my car while mom was telling me something about her travels.  

“Darn it,” I mumbled. “I have to go back in.”

“Why?” mom wondered. 

“I left my phone in your house.” I said.

Unlock the garage door. Disarm the alarm. Unlock the inside door. Look over the counter, the desk and the couch, while mom asks the typical mom question, “Where did you last use it?”

Five minutes later, I’m laughing hysterically as I’m relocking doors and rearming the alarm, while being worried about both my mom’s and my mental health. 

Maybe it’s the record-breaking temps we’ve been having …

3 thoughts on “Mental Health Concerns”

  1. That's funny !! I love when I go upstairs, downstairs or the garage then I can't remember why . I always say I need to rewind the tape and then I'll remember. Sometimes that works 🙂

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