My fifteen year old son Joseph has been in a Debate Club for the past three years. The club he participates in is in a national highschool, homeschool league and parental involvement is a big part of it. He loves the challenge of articulating his viewpoint and presenting it well in a timed speech. I had tried to talk him out of joining in the fall because of the time commitment for both him and me. I wasn’t sure I was into going to the club meetings and the tournament. I didn’t mind doing it if I knew he was really committed to it and would put all the work into it that is needed in order to compete well. He assured me he really wanted to do it, so I relented and every Monday evening since October he has had debate club meetings. I attended about half of them. Then starting in February, there have been six tournaments lasting three days each spread out from Tennessee to New Hampshire. Again, I only attended about half of them. At one of those tournaments, he qualified for the regional tournament. Good job, Joey! I didn’t think I would go to any tournaments after I am on crutches, but the regional was this week and I really wanted to be there for Joseph. So another parent and I did the two hour drive on Tuesday morning. (her driving, of course)

Well, Joseph kept his word of doing what he needs to compete well, because his debate partner and him qualified for the national tournament in Washington DC the first week of June!

Way to go, Joe!

Brandon and Joseph

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