My boys are home-schooled, so when it comes to proms and graduation, things are done slightly different. We have been a part of the ‘Community Homeschoolers’ for years. It is a group of about 100 students from 1st to 12th grade that meets every Wednesday. Classes are offered for all grades, with the high school program offering at least a dozen choices. It is a program that has really ’rounded out’ my boys education and they have loved it. They have wonderful friends there and Josh is sad to be leaving the group. Josh is a senior and he has had a big week. On Friday evening the high school had its version of a prom … a Formal Dinner at Doneckers.
The good looking group!
Then on Monday evening the Community Homeschoolers had a graduation ceremony for the seniors. With only eight seniors, each had a few moments to do whatever they chose to. Josh loves to and wants to pursue producing movies, so he made a short film about leaving high school and all the good memories he has from it. He wanted it to be surprise for everyone, so I had not seen it before. It was very well-done and everyone loved it … onto the big screen, Josh!
Proud parents of a Graduate
(one down, two more to go!)

Each senior did a display about themselves, Josh chose some favorite memories of childhood, along with his two prized possessions right now … a camera and a laptop.**********************************************************Josh is planning on living at home and attending Reading Community College in the fall. Then next year he is looking at attending Calvin College in Michigan. He and his good friend, Zach, are on their way out there today. (hope they don’t get lost) Zach’s older brother is attending there now and they are going out to bring him home for the summer. Plus it gives Josh a weekend to spend on the campus and see if he wants to pursue attending there.

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