It was a good day.

Finally, we are having warmer temps in southeast PA. Today was sunny, beautiful and about 50 degrees. When a day is like that, it pulls me outdoors. I ran on the Union Canal Trail from Gring’s Mill to the Red Bridge and back. It was a good day. I am thrilled with how the strained muscle felt while running. It hurt for about an hour after I was finished running, but now, 12 hours later, feels great again!!

This fine-gravel trail is generally softer than either a road or a treadmill. Today it was really soft – from all the melting snow. Dodging the water puddles and slush was a challenge at times and I didn’t always succeed, which means I now have sneakers to clean 🙂 But I didn’t mind the splatters – I felt too good to care about them. The sun was bright, the temps were great for running – I loved seeing and hearing the water of the Tully flowing beside me. Did I tell you it was a good day?

Now – I pack my bags and head to the Synergy Conference in Florida for 5 days. I can’t wait to run with temps in the 80’s! No, I don’t mind the heat.

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