Image of God

“We are created in the image of God, and he modeled for us a way of life that makes sense for how we are created. Here’s how to dance the dance of life, he said: work, be creative, use your imagination, throw yourself into it, whether you are washing dishes, reading to your kids and running a household, or trading stocks, reading corporate reports, and running a business. …At the end of each day, stop. Take a rest, eat a good meal, get enough sleep, and refresh yourself. Take time to think about your day, to notice where God was in it and where you were blessed, and to say, “It’s good.” Then go back at it the next day. And after six days, take a whole day off. And say, “It’s really good.” Spend a whole day just pausing, just reflecting on how really good it is, and then start the dance again, at a sustainable pace.”
– Keri Wyatt Kent, author of Breathe

1 thought on “Image of God”

  1. What a tremendous quote. I wish I could tattoo the whole thing on my forehead…or maybe my hand so I could see it. This is something worth reading every morning–its so easy to forget what we’re about. Thanks for sharing it!

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