How we spend our days

How we spend our days is – of course – how we spend our lives. Annie Dillard

I guess that is true … it is a dreary, cloudy day and when I am 95 and look back over my life I will be happy to remember that I spent as many of the dreary days as I could reading/writing with a strong cup of coffee nearby. Then ending the day with some good, hearty soup for dinner. (anyone cooking?)

I am happy to now be in my recliner with a blanket doing just that, as I spent the first half of the day helping my seventeen year old son buy his first car. He is now an official, bona-fide car owner … he is the only one on the title and the insurance. It is a ten year old car, but he is happy with it and it is all paid with cash that he has earned over the past few years. It is an odd feeling being his mother today … it should make him feel all mature and grown up and it is, but it is also making me feel all mature and grown up. I didn’t expect that.

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