I’m always impressed with healing – healing of our physical body.* Sometimes its minor, other times its major. Something is cut/bruised/broken. All the nerves are sending pain signals to your brain. Your normal activities are interrupted, done slower or even need to be stopped for a time.
But with time, when healing happens – the swelling goes down, the black/blue colors lessen, the skin repairs itself and the nerves quiet down. And I’m amazed. Yes, there might be a scar – sometimes a bad one – but an amazing amount of healing does take place. And I’m amazed.

I thank our creator for the way he’s designed it.

Do we have any part in the healing? Yes, we do. Our creator is the ultimate healer, and we are created in his image – so we are ‘little healers’. We clean what is cut, wounded or bruised and set what is broken. We can take vitamins and eat well. Some science is showing that a little sunlight can help heal some injuries, especially the skin. (the sun is not all bad) For small injuries, we need correct lotions, cremes and bandages. For major injuries – antibiotics, surgeries and skilled doctors might be needed.

A major part we play in healing for any injury is giving our body the rest it needs to recover. That’s why the nerves talk to us, to let us know one area of our body is in need of some downtime. Rest doesn’t mean not moving or doing at all – it means moving and doing with wisdom, which is called therapy. Therapy helps bring the body up to par again. At times, therapy needs to be done by a professional, other times it can be done on one’s own. Thankfully the creator has also given us his spirit to counsel us in what/when/where/how much our bodies can do, especially when healing needs to happen.

*We live in an imperfect world and healing doesn’t always happen. That makes me sad and mad.

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  1. Wow… Janet-that is true of our emotional healing and spiritual healing as well…. How very well put and thanks so much for the reminder that “healing DOES come”… Sometimes I have to “do” something and other times I need to let God or someone else do… I needed this reminder today! so-thanks

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