Hand in Hand with God!

For a time, I’ve been thinking about how I live ‘hand in hand’ with God. Yes, he is God and I am not, but I think when he created me in his image with a free will of my own … I’ve was given the choice to do what I want with what I have. So when I heard this story this week, I liked it.

A few decades ago, a preacher was riding his horse down a country road, when he came over a hill and saw a beautiful farm in the valley below. The house was nice and tidy with a stream running behind it and the freshly painted barns sat in the midst of acres of clean fields with straight rows of crops growing strong.

He noticed the farmer coming up the farm lane and stopped to talk to him. “God has sure blessed you with a beautiful place,” the preacher said.

Wiping sweat from his face, the farmer said, “Yes, he has and I thank him for it every morning.”

“You really are a man blessed by God.” The preacher signed as he looked around again.

Yes I am. I am always grateful for his goodness,” he responded again, “but you should have seen the place when he had it to himself.”

-From a Dave Ramsey Teaching

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