A Good Season

A month ago, I was not looking forward to Christmas … the whole scene looked overwhelming. I didn’t have the energy to make it happen, the decorating, shopping, etc. I am now happy to say because of the love of God and the kindness of friends and my family, I am having a good season.
I just finished a 7-week class called ‘Finding your Spiritual Identity’ … a fun and informative class with three other women that are seeking. It was taught by two bold women God has called to help others on a path of self-discovery of His plan for them. No religion, just a relationship. It helped put some of the puzzle pieces that were scrambled in my mind in place. It also helped me look at some of my expectations.
Then Jerry and the boys got, put up and decorated a tree. I can’t do long shopping trips, and then friends started calling. They drop me off at the door, carry my packages and pick me up at the door again. So kind …
I spent time pondering the ‘reason for the season’. I had a wonderful talk with my quiet son. I saw a great movie. I attended a few lovely parties with wonderful people that blessed me. The beauty of peoples’ creativity in decorating and cooking, conversations with others … all those things together are adding up to a lovely season.

Not every moment is a good moment, but take a moment today and be aware of God’s spirit in your life. He is there, He cares and He is waiting to be a part of your Holiday celebrations.

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