Friday’s Fave Five

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I’ve had an unorganized week, especially the last few days. I have a number of different projects happening and I’m having a tough time getting anything significant finished, because I keep moving from project to project … ugh. So I have to think hard to find five favorites of this week … 
          1. Saturday was great – my husband and I went out for breakfast with our college son. Then I went to a jewelry show at my neighbor. Then a movie, shopping and dinner with a friend. 
         2. On Monday, at our running club’s weekly run – a few of us spent a relaxing hour in a friend’s outdoor hot tub after the run. 

         3. Love flowers – so I’m happy my lilacs are blooming.
         4. Reading a few great books this week – 
“Oh, me of little faith” by Jason Boyett
“Church in the Making” by Ben Arment 
Picking Dandelions” by Sarah Cunningham
“The Bible as Improv” by Ron Martoia
Yes, I’m reading all these at the same time – told you I’m bouncing from one thing to another. 

         5. Last weekend I planned a weekly menu for the first time in years and actually stuck to it this week … well, expect for one night, but for this week, that’s was good. 
Hope your week has a few faves in it … 

1 thought on “Friday’s Fave Five”

  1. Hi, sorry I am sooo late coming around this week. Very hectic weekend. I can totally relate to several things going at one time.

    Your lilacs are beautiful. I'll bet they are smelling lovely!

    I think I might be persuaded to run if I could get in a nice hot tub afterwards. Maybe. :vD

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